Service Ministries

Altar Flowers & Decoration: The Altar Guild is responsible for the maintenance and liturgically appropriate beautification of the altars, the Table of Our Lord. To find out more, contact our Coordinator Marilyn Brown at 508-747-1655


Baptismal Robes: The Baptism Robe Making Ministry consists of parishioners who sew the white robes presented to each newly baptized infant during the Baptism ceremony.   When the child is presented before the priest or deacon for Baptism, he or she wears the white garment created by the hands of volunteers and emphasizes the desire of the parish to support and share in the joy of each infant’s Baptism. To find out more, contact our Coordinator Jennifer Spencer 508-830-1729

Church Linens: The Linen Group takes responsibility for the care, washing and maintenance of sacred linens. To find out more, contact our Coordinator Genevieve Jaeger.


Communications Ministry: Our St. Peter Website and Facebook pages are run by volunteers from the Parish. 

Website:  If you have content (pictures from Parish events or news) suggestions, or edits for the website, please send an email to the Website Editor, by going to and completing the information.

Facebook page:  We are always looking for Parish and Faith-related content to put on the Facebook page.  If you have a picture from a Parish event that you’d like to share, just go on the Facebook page at and post a message for the Facebook page administrator.


Eucharistic Adoration: Here at St. Peter Parish, the Blessed Sacrament is placed in our monstrance and exposed for adoration every Thursday following our 9:00 am Mass for about 1-hour and every first Friday following our 9:00 am Mass until noon.  Please consider the beauty and graces of adoring Our Savior and come join this happy and prayerful group. Contact Deacon Dick Cussen at 781-291-9247 for more information.


Eucharistic Hospital Visitors: Eucharistic Ministers are men and women of the parish who may take communion to the sick at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth. Those who are called to this ministry must know how to be truly present to others. To find out more, contact the Hospital Chaplain, Pat Feeley at 508-591-7798


Finance Council:  Our Finance Council assists the pastor in financial and legal issues relating to parish operations. They can provide advice and counsel on operational issues, evaluate the financial needs of the parish, assess parish real estate issues from both a financial and legal perspective and formulate long-range plans, including capital improvements. To find out more, contact Edward Santos 508-746-3962


Funeral Servers: This service group assists the Priest during Funeral Masses as Altar Servers. To find out more, contact our Coordinator Bob Houston at 508-746-4046


Parish Council: The Parish Council assists the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing,   initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education and service activities within the parish. They can assess the needs of the whole parish and its members, foster unity and a sense of community in the parish, and to promote recommended programs and activities.


Pastoral Visitors to the Sick and Homebound: Pastoral Visitors bring the hope and joy of Jesus Christ and the Eucharist to one of more of our 7 nursing homes and assisted living facilities as well as our ill and homebound parishioners within our St. Peter Community. Extraordinary Ministers of Communion must be commissioned by the Pastor of St. Peter Parish for this Ministry. They should be faithful Catholics who have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. They must be at least sixteen years of age, participated in the required formation and training, and participate regularly in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church. Contact Barbara Rooney 508-224-8156 for more information.


Prison Ministry: This group seeks to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the men who are in our Plymouth prison. We work with other volunteers and priests and deacons on Monday afternoons (scripture), Monday evenings (Catholic Discussion), Wednesday evenings (Rosary and discussion), and Saturday and Sunday evenings (assist at Mass or Communion Services). Contact our Coordinator Deacon Dick Cussen at 781-291-9247 for more information.


Sunday Hospitality: On Sunday mornings after the 7:30 am and 9:30 am Masses, all are invited to the Lower Church Gathering  Space for coffee,  juice and light refreshments and most importantly a sense of community. Volunteers host this joy-filled Sunday Hospitality Ministry. Please call the Parish Office 508-746-0663 for additional information.


Wedding Coordinators: A small team of parishioners assists the wedding couple in the coordination of the Rehearsal and Wedding.  They help couples shortly before the rehearsal and review important details.  The Coordinators are present to assist the entire wedding party both at the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. Please call the Parish Office 508-746-0663 for additional information.